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EMOTI Talking-Pen

Reading to young children has proved to be the single most important thing a parent can do to ensure their child's success in school. Busy? Lazy? Let EMOTI Talking-Pen help you! Other than help your young child start reading earlier before recognizing words, it also builds listening skills and increases attention span※develops and fosters natural curiosity※develops appreciation for arts through exposure to many
different styles of art and illustrations※and many more benefits.

给年幼的孩子读书是最有效最重要也最温馨的教育方式。每天花20分钟给你的孩子,孩子将轻松适应学校生活, 取得优良成绩。但是工作繁忙?有点懒惰?让 EMOTI Talking-Pen 帮助你吧!它不仅让孩子在识字之前就能开始阅读,而且还帮助孩子训练听力,延长注意力 ※ 激发好奇心和学习兴趣 ※ 通过浏览各种
不同风格和不同表现手法的图画书,启蒙艺术鉴赏力 ※ 以及其他更多的好处。

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Flat International Shipping Charge

Flat International Shipping Charge. 
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EMOTI Talking-Pen (Pen Only)

EMOTI Talking-Pen 2nd generation with recording feature & 16GB memory. 
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Bundle A: Standard Pack

EMOTI Bundle A: Standard Pack 标准配套 
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You Save: $20.00

Bundle B: Bilingual Selection

EMOTI Bundle B: Bilingual Selection 双语精选 配套。 
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You Save: $21.40

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