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Announcement about Haoxuebao 关于好学宝的声明

To protect customers who are interested in EMOTI Talking-Pen, we are making this announcement.

EMOTI Pte Ltd stopped sales of Haoxuebao Talking-Pen in Year 2010. Our existing products (EMOTI Talking-Pen Series & Books) are NOT compatible with HXB products. Recently we found a few persons are selling other models of Haoxuebao in roadshows and/or online forums. We have customers bought from them and complained to us.

Here we would like to announce that existing models of HXB sold in Singapore are not related to us. We are unable to provide support to these new models. For customers who intend to purchase Talking-Pen products, please look for EMOTI brand.

For our existing Haoxuebao customers, we will continue to provide all related services. We will extend trade-in offer till end of 2012. For details of Trade-In offer, please click here.

为保护广大客户的利益, 特此声明.

本公司于2010年底停止销售好学宝点读笔。本公司新产品(EMOTI Talking-Pen/易读宝)以及相关图书和好学宝完全不兼容。目前有摊位及网络上有人销售好学宝的其他型号(猫头鹰或其他造型)。有客户误认为是本公司产品而购买, 并向本公司投诉。

特此声明好学宝目前在新加坡销售的产品型号和本公司无关。欲购买点读笔的客户请认准EMOTI 注册商标。



[May 25, 2012] SPH Singapore Bookfair 2012

On Singapore Bookfair 2012 (May 25 ~ Jun 3, 2012), EMOTI Talking-Pen is the recommended products to help pre-school children to learn Chinese.



The full article is available here.




新加坡华文教研中心高级讲师刘渼博士指出: 小孩3岁起学华文最好。文中指出: 通过互动式的阅读法,不但能够滋养孩子对阅读的兴趣,还能提高他的语言交际能力。“互动阅读”利用书中的文字或图片与孩子展开问答。比如阅读绘本时,家长可以根据图片问孩子"看到了什么",“故事人物发生了什么事”, “人物碰到的问题解决了吗”等开放式的问题。

互动阅读正是 EMOTI Talking-Pen 提供的基本功能之一。使用EMOTI Talking-Pen, 孩子可以在2-3岁就开始阅读, 即使不识字, 孩子也可以主动的学习 。


EMOTI Talking-Pen help child to start reading earlier

Baby using EMOTI Talking-Pen is able to call Daddy/Mom/Grandma at 5th month. The now one-year old baby has great passion to learn. See news from Ch8 (in Chinese).

Use EMOTI Talking-Pen now, and let your child to start reading earlier too!
[Nov 17, 2011] Popular Bookfest 2011 @ Suntec Convention Hall


Visit us @ Popular Bookfest 2011. We are located at Chinese (Children) Books department.

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