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Frequently Asked Questions about EMOTI Talking-Pen
FAQ-Is EMOTI Talking-Pen Safe?

EMOTI Talking-Pen scans hidden code from audible book (like a camera). There is no radiation. EMOTI Talking-Pen is certified for following standards:

  • CE
  • RoHS
  • CCC

It's safe for child. For children below 3 years old, adult supervision is required.

FAQ-Why my Talking-Pen does not read book?

Symptom 1: Talking-Pen cannot be powered up. The LED light is on for a few seconds, and then off. The prompt "Welcome to EMOTI Audio World." is not played or partially played.

Causes and Solutions: Mostlikely the battery is flat. Please charge the battery for at least 30 minutes and try again. Make sure the chager and USB cable is good (you may chage the Talking-Pen using USB port from computer). If problem persists, please bring to EMOTI Office for repair. The address is here.

Symptom 2: Talking-Pen can power up, without prompt "Welcome to EMOTI Audio World.", but LEDs are blinking.

Causes: Mostlikely the Talking-Pen is in hang state. As there is not a hard switch to turn on and off the Talking-Pen, it may hang after running for a few months. Another reason could be the free memory of Talking-Pen is too little.

Solution: Please RESET the Talking-Pen using a paper clip. The RESET hole is just below the power button. Check the free memory in the Talking-Pen (right-click on the drive letter of Talking-Pen, and click on Properties). Make sure there is at least 200MB free space in the Talking-Pen drive, as it's needed for some Talking-Pen feature, such as recording, read and follow, etc.

Symptom 3: Talking-Pen reads something totally different from the book content.

Causes and Solutions: Please allow Talking-Pen to select the book by tapping the audio logo on the book cover..

Symptom 4: Talking-Pen can power up, with prompt "Welcome to EMOTI Audio World.", but when pointing onto the book cover, nothing happens.

Causes: Mostlikely the scanning head is offset when dropping to ground, or hitting to hard on hard surface.

Solution: Please bring it to EMOTI Office for repair. The address is here.

FAQ-Warranty, Repair and Trade-In

EMOTI Talking-Pen comes with 1 year local warranty. Please refer to the warranty card for details. The warranty is void if

  • Damaged with crack or obvious scratch on the pen body.
  • There is evidence of water.
  • The Talking-Pen is opened.

We provide repair service if the warranty is expired with a flat fee of S$50 or S$70, depends on the condition of the Talking-Pen. Alternatively, customers may consider to trade-in the old pen. Please refer to trade-in page for details.

EMOTI Ptd Ltd 为EMOTI点读笔提供1年的保修。详情请参照产品附带的保修卡。以下情况我们公司不提供保修:

  • 点读笔明显的摔伤,开裂。
  • 点读笔被人打开过。
  • 点读笔有进水的迹象(内置检测物质改变性状)。

EMOTI Pte Ltd 为保修期已经过期的产品提供修理服务, 酌情收取S$50-S$70。客户也可考虑以旧换新的服务。详情参见以旧换新


FAQ-Is Audible Book safe for children?

EMOTI audible books are printed using normal ink. It is exactly same as normal books in term of materials (paper and ink). The colors are manipulated to allow EMOTI Talking-Pen to scan and read out the hidden optical code.

There is no electronic part in the book. No radiation. It's safe for children.

EMOTI 有声书是由普通的纸和墨水印制而成。在材料上,和普通图书没有任何分别。印刷之前,我们处理了颜色的比例组成,这样点读笔就可以读取隐藏的光学码。所以有声书对孩子是安全的。

FAQ-Is EMOTI Talking-Pen easily damaged?

The latest EMOTI Talking-Pen model (E9000+) adds silicone cushion into the design, which enahances the protection of both the scanning head and PCB. EMOTI Talking-Pen can sustain drops from 100cm high for up to 100 times.

It comes with 1 year local warranty. We will repair it for free so long there is no obvious crack. For more information about warranty, please check the FQA-Warranty.


最新型号的EMOTI Talking-Pen 加入了硅胶保护工艺, 加强了扫描头和PCB的耐摔性能。它可以承受从1米的高度掉下100次。

EMOTI Pte Ltd 为点读笔提供1年的保修服务。保修期内,只要外表没有明显的人为破损或进水, 本公司将提供免费维修。具体的保修条款请参见常见问题-保修服务。


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