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Audible Book Errata 有错必纠

Books printed may contain errors due to many manual work involved. And once printed, the errors can be only corrected upon next print.

For audible books, there are additional type of possible errors, which is lated to the audio. We would like our customers to report all these errors so that we can correct them to make the contents better for all.

  • Audio Error. In this case, the printed materials are correct, but the audio associated is wrong, i.e., when click on it, the Talking-Pen will read aloud something incorrect. This type of errors can be corrected by updating the audio file for the book. Once we receive an error notification of this type, we will fix it by arranging for re-recording, and then create the audio file. Customers will then be able to download the latest audio files from our website, and update their Talking-Pen. The process may take a few weeks, as we will need to engage the studio/performers for the audio recording.
  • Printing Error. This type of error refer to the printed errors. It can only be fixed upon next printing. We will keep all the errors reported, and correct them upon next printing. This process may take a few months for it to be completed, as the materials are normally printed in huge quantity.

We encourage all customers to report mistakes found in the book, and we will try to get them fixed. Customers can report via email ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) or Facebook page (the errata notes). We will acknowldge all emails and Facebook comments. All issues reported will be consolidated and published here.

Thank you!

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