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EMOTI Charts

目前EMOTI Pte Ltd 制作的有声卡片有如下几个。这些卡片都随点读笔免费附送

  • 有声记事卡(2010): 可以录音的卡片。附带简单的计算器功能,让孩子学习简单的加减乘除。本卡片也可以用来控制播放点读笔内存储的MP3歌曲。
  • 趣味拼音卡(2010): 帮助孩子学习汉语拼音。语速清晰缓慢,孩子可以轻松跟读学习。每一个声母和韵母,我们都设计了相应的绕口令,让孩子们练习饶舌。
  • 英文字母和音标卡(2011): 帮助孩子开心学英文字母和发音。特意编制的音标歌,让孩子迅速学会字母的发音。
  • 有声模拟词典卡(2012): 电脑造型的词典卡,存储了约6000英语单词。逐个输入字母,然后点击翻译键,点读笔就会播放英文单词以及中文解释。本卡仅在E9000+型号上运作。
So far EMOTI Pte Ltd has developed following 4 charts.All these charts are free with purchases of EMOTI Talking-Pen.
  • Audible Notes, with Calculator & MP3 Controller (2010): It allows recording of audio message. With simple calculator function, it helps young children to perform simple arithmetic calculation. It is also a MP3 controller, that can be used to play the MP3 songs stored in Talking-Pen.
  • Fun Pinyin Chart (2010): Specially designed to help young children and foreigners to learn Hanyu Pinyin. Slow and clear. Each sounds come with tongue twister, for learners to test their tongues.
  • ABC Phoncis Chart (2011):A chart to help children to learn ABC letters, as well as phonics. We have specially recorded ABC letter song and phonics song, for fun learning.
  • Audible Dictionary Chart (2012): Designed to be like a computer, this paper based e-dictionary stores about 6000 English words, with Chinese translation for each and every word. Enter the letters one by one, and tap on Translate, both English word and Chinese explanation will be played.

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EMOTI My First ABC Letters & Phonics

EMOTI My First ABC Letters & Phonics 
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Audible Notes with Calculator & MP3 Controller

Audible Notes with Calculator & MP3 Controller. Not for sale. 
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Audible Dictionary Chart

Audible Dictionary Chart. 有声模拟中英文字典。Not for sale. 
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EMOTI Fun Pinyin Chart. 
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