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Great Wall Chinese is a key project developed and operated by the Office of Chinese Language Council International (Han Ban). It is a new Chinese teaching and learning system based on latest internet and multimedia technology. The goal is to expand a learner’s Chinese communicative competence by utilizing rich teaching materials and resources.

Currently, more than 330 Confucius Institutes (classes) Internationally and 17 China's universities and middle schools are using Great Wall Chinese as Chinese teaching materials.


Great Wall Chinese Products

Great Wall Chinese is available in different languages including: Chinese, English, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Italian and Thai. Other languages are being supported soon, such as Spanish, Turkish, Portugal.


  • Personal Edition Includes six DVD-ROMS and a USB KEY. Suitable for learning Great Wall Chinese without an access to internet or a local network. The USB key must be connected to the computer before launching the application.
  • Internet Edition Being a large platform based on the Internet and with a systematic Chinese teaching and learning resources, Great Wall Chinese Online Portal (www.greatwallchinese.cn)  provides an ASP (Application Service Provider) mode service, building virtual institutes for academic administration, teaching and learning management.
  • Great Wall Chinese Teachers’ Version It's a resouce centre for Chinese teachers. Teachers can
    • export the meterials to PPT as teaching materials
    • capture, edit, restructure the motion video of the courseware
    • play the characters within the courseware and simulate their conversations
    • adjust the difficulty, record your conversation and play it
    • perform the social situation exercise with the prompt of the keywords, which enhances the interactivity
    • do recording and pause functions
    • highlight or hide the words, grammar notes and communication points.
  • (Available upon request) Intranet Edition: Intranet Edition of Great Wall Chinese can be set up on a local network.
GWC Teaching System

Great Wall Chinese is a set of complete, systematic and international Chinese teaching resource. The teaching stages are divided into three phases: Essentials in Communication (Level 1 ~ 6), Progression in Communication (Level 7 ~ 12) and Fluency in Communication (Level 13 ~ 18). The courses of Great Wall Chinese include core courses (communicative mission), resource courses (language elements) and complementary courses (skills training).

The GWC system integartes learning, teaching, academic research and administration to all learners and tutors.

  • Online courseware creates flexible time schedule
  • Voice Recognition System to refine pronunciation
  • Classroom tutorials to meet individual needs
  • Computerized Learning Management System to improve the entire teaching and learning progress.